Der andere CARPORT


Der andere CARPORT


Der andere CARPORT


Der andere CARPORT


Der andere CARPORT


The dimensions of the ARTPORT Single from Takasho are optimized for a single car. Thanks to the robust aluminum profiles with a rich wood look choice, you also have the maintenance-free parking space for your vehicle.

**Only for Germany



Takasho EVER ART WOOD materials perform the high weather, frost and UV resistance. The surface and design no longer require re-painting maintenance. The ARTPORT Wide, designed for two vehicles.

** Only for Germany

7 variations for

Wooden looks

Premium wooden look for all kinds of tastes

Material Ebenholz Dunkelbraun
Material Pinie Natur
Material Ebenholz Braun
Material Pinie Weiß
Material Pinie Braun
Material Kyoto Dunkelbraun
Material Schwarz matt

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Dach Blue Smoke


Tint shaded extra strong blue smoke roof will protect your vehicle from the heat from the sun during summer. The high absorption and low light transmission provide comfortable shade, but still enough lights under the roof.

  • Heat absorption 52% 52%
  • Light translucency 27,4% 27,4%
  • UV-protection 99,9% 99,9%
Dach Clear Matt


The Clear Matt roofing is suitable for your carport especially when it is near to a living room window or place you need more lights. It doesn’t get too dark but still provide perfect UV-protection.

  • Heat absorption 15% 15%
  • Light translucency 85% 85%
  • UV-protection 99,9% 99,9%

2 possible Polycarbonate roof

ARTPORT roof designs are made of extra stong high quality polycarbonate. Because it is light weight and extrem stability, it provides protection against falling leaves, branches, tree sap, bird droppings or even from ice hails.

6 possible standard sizes

Two different sizes are available for the ARTPORT Single. You can choose between four sizes for the ARTPORT Wide. There is the right measure for every application.

Maße Artport
Material Artwood

The material for ARTPORT®:


Die EVER ART WOOD they offer a wide range of applications. The outstanding stability and quality of the materials ensure durability combined with aesthetic simplicity.

  • High quality Aluminium profile
  • Realistic material looks and surface
  • Texture more beautiful than a real wood
  • Long life, high weather resistancy
  • No more re-painting maintenance required